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What is ST Frontier Fleet?

StarTrek Frontier Fleet is an E-Mail Roleplaying Game (PBeM RPG) set in the Star Trek Universe in the last decade of the 24th century (2391) (post Voyager).

The USS Voyager has returned home and with the valuable data collected Starfleet has managed to built an experimental transwarp drive. Not all our ships are equipped with it, but our mission still is to expand the United Federation of Planet's territority by means of exploration.

What is a PBeM RPG?

RPG stands short for Role Playing Game. Each player in a RPG plays one (or more) characters. In ST: Frontier Fleet that can be an officer aboard a starship for example. Your character(s) interact with those of other players and everyone can decide what happens in the story.

PBeM stands short for Play By eMail; the game is played by writing posts (emails). In this post you write about your character's actions. What he/she does, talks, thinks, eats, drinks, etc. This post is sent off to an email list with all the other crewmembers of your character's dutystation (ship or base) on it as well. Thus, all the other players receive your post and can respond to it.

Other questions

See below for more pages with FAQs.

If your question is not in those pages, or the answer is not clear enough, email your question to:

  • The FF Council (council at frontierfleet dot com) for questions about the game and also about joining the game (gamemaster at ... forwards to the Council)
  • The Academy Commandant (acadcm at frontierfleet dot com) for questions about the Academy and joining the game
  • Webmaster (webmaster at frontierfleet dot com) for question about the Website and related things

Your question will be answered as quickly as possible, and it may be added to the relevant FAQ on the website.


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