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Fleet History

"During the summer of 2000, Clare Bradley and Jaap Marsman decided to set up a new StarTrek roleplaying game. At the very beginning of this initial setup period they were joined by Guido Dorssers. As all three thought having a good informative website is also a very important thing for a roleplaying game by email the focus was to first set up a good website and then start up the game. And thus, after setting up a website, the first ST Frontier Fleet Signup was received on 29 July 2000."

  • The game started on 26 August 2000 with 2 dutystations: the USS Arakov, a steamrunner class vessel, and Deep Space Delta One, Starfleet's first starbase in the Delta Quadrant.

  • In November 2000 the game's concept and storyline were changed completely. Instead of a stable (artificial) wormhole to the Delta Quadrant, Starfleet had developed a transwarp engine and the USS Calhoun was the first ship to be equipped with this experimental engine.

  • In June 2001 the Calhoun had been on a mission to find out what had happened to a few Starfleet vessels that had disappeared, and one of these ships was the USS Odyssey. After the ship was recovered, captain Main of the Calhoun took command of the Odyssey instead.

  • November 2001 saw another addition to the game: the USS Arakov, a Steamrunner class which wouldn't get a long life. In March/April 2002 the Arakov was destroyed and the crew was reassigned to the USS Valkyrie instead.

  • Pandora Station was added in June 2002 and in June/July 2003 the station was joined by the USS Solstice.

  • In July 2003 the USS Atlantis started as an independent game, created by Merijn Donders, and in December 2003 the Atlantis joined STFF.

  • All ships in STFF, with the exception of the USS Calhoun (which already had transwarp; like the USS Epimetheus) were equipped with transwarp engines as well in August 2005.

  • Pandora Station was turned into a SPC-only station in June 2006.

  • In August 2009 the crew of the USS Atlantis joined the USS Odyssey to form Yeager Colony.

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