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During the summer of 2000, Clare Bradley and Jaap Marsman decided to set up a new Star Trek role-playing game. At the very beginning of this initial set-up period they got joined by Guido Dorssers. As all three thought having a good informative website is also a very important thing for a role-playing game by email the focus was to first set up a good website and then start up the game. And thus, after setting up a website, the first ST Frontier Fleet Sign-up was received on 29 July 2000. During the first year of existence ST Frontier Fleet's website got hosting arranged by the fantasy PBeM Unosar, which was also created by Jaap Marsman while the mailing lists where hosted by one of our initial members, Walter Flaat. Now, after a year ST Frontier Fleet has it's own domain and is still expanding slowly. Although we have a command structure in our game, the motto has always been and always will be the same, 'for players, by players'.

Fleet Council

At the moment the whole game is consisting of one single fleet. In charge of this Fleet is the Council, a team of three persons who act as joint Gamemasters. The Council has a SPC character for this with the rank of a Fleet Admiral.

Fleet Command Group

The Fleet Command Group consists of all command-level players in Frontier Fleet. This includes the Game owner, Game Council, COs, FOs, 2Os, Academy Commandant, PR officer and Chief Editor. They are advising the Game Council on important game-wide issues and are also able to discuss dutystation-related business. The command-level players can use the 'Command'-mailinglist for communication, status report and discussions.

Frontier Fleet: One story

Players need to think of their dutystations as novels. Each mission for your dutystation is a chapter in the novel. The CO's job is to write the first paragraph of each chapter then hand the story writing over to the crew. While the CO keeps the story on track, it is all players that bring the story together.

The duty stations within Frontier Fleet are also encouraged to interact. Overlap between stories, recurring races etc. confirm that all Frontier Fleet stories take place in the same universe.

Posting Format

Posts must follow the official posting format which is explained in the posting guide. The average post should be at least 100 words long, although post length will only become an issue if a player repeatedly sends in small posts.

Posting Frequency

All officers must be active posters. The minimum requirement is one post per week. An average of two posts per week is required for promotion. Exceptions to this rule will be made at the CO's discretion. If a player has Real Life commitments that will prevent his posting for more than one week, he should contact his CO and let him/her know the situation, so that the absence does not interfere with the progress of the game. Players will receive a warning after two weeks of not posting. If the CO does not hear from the player within a week of the warning the player will be removed from the game. Repeated warnings may result in a loss of rank or position.

A player may only be promoted if his or her posts consistently take part in moving the main storyline forward. This does not mean that 'side plots' or other types of posts should be frowned upon, as long as they do not prevent the player from participating actively in the advancing of the main plot.

SPC characters have no minimum posting requirement. However, they may be removed if they disappear for great lengths of time.


Promotions will be handled by a dutystation's CO and FO. A player must remain in good standing for 3 months to be given a promotion in rank. Advance Promotion may be granted at the CO's discretion if the player is extremely active in posting, plot and character development, or if they assist on the web site or other out of game projects. Promotions to Lieutenant Commander and higher need approval of the Game Council and the Command group.

PCs, SPCs and NPCs

Player/Primary Characters (PC)

The PC is your principal character in the game and you are allowed to only have one PC within ST Frontier Fleet. You must also do at least one post per week unless you have given your CO a good reason why you are unable to do posts that week. PC characters are able to gain promotions within the game as and when your CO decides that you deserve them, each promotion is decided on the quality and quantity of your posts. YOU CAN NEVER KILL OR INJURE ANOTHER PERSON'S PC without the approval of the player or, if the player has left, your CO.

You can use, but not move, other people's characters in your posts, as long as you portray them in a way consistent with the way their player uses them. The owner has the right to revise ANY use they find inconsistent.

This should be done as soon as possible and at least within a week after the post has been send. (Recommended is within 24 hours). If the revision renders a lot of posts incorrect, then the CO has the right to recall the revision. It's also up to the CO to determine what is considered being 'a lot'.

Special Player Characters (SPC)

SPCs are usually played by the person who owns them. They are often played by players who have their PC (Player Character) on another ship, but can be played by people who have their PC on the same ship. SPCs are used to supplement the PC crew of a ship, either with character types not normally played by PCs (i.e. a transporter chief, a player's spouse, etc.) or when a ship may for various reasons be understaffed.

  • AT NO TIME will an SPC hold a department head or Command position when a qualified Player Character is available to play that position.
  • AT NO TIME will an SPC in such a position keep that position when a qualified Player becomes available.
  • Most SPCs are only allowed to be junior officers or enlisted personnel.
  • Normally an SPC cannot outrank the player's PC character. Exceptions are possible when approved by the Council.

There is no set limit to the number of SPCs that a player can play, as long as the CO of the ship the PC plays on has given permission and posting for SPCs does not interfere with a players PC duties. In order to create and play an SPC on another duty station, you will need permission from your current CO and the CO of the ship or Star Base on which you wish to play.

Non-Player Characters (NPC)

NPCs can be minor permanent character sused to fill in a story. Examples might be an engineer who comes to fix the replicator in your quarters, another fellow crewman, bartender, a member of the security contingent, an engineering crewman etc. Some NPCs are created specifically for one mission who will die or leave after that mission is over. Examples might be the leader of a newly encountered race, an Admiral on board for a surprise inspection, etc.

About SPCs and NPCs

The major distinction is who onboard may write for that character. Only the owner may write for an SPC, another character interacts with a SPC, normal reply-requests "(Reply SPC's name )" should be used, just like with a PC. However, any player may write for any NPC (unless directed otherwise) as long as it is consistent with their personality and background and doesn't effect the overall story (such as killing them, etc.). Some NPCs (like Admirals) are only to be used by COs.

No NPC or SPC may be killed in a story without the express permission of that character's creator and/or the ship's CO. With respect to both SPC's and NPC's, no one below the rank of Commander may create an NPC or SPC of a higher or equal rank than your own PC without the consent of your CO. When creating SPC/NPC's, remember they are supplemental characters meant to enhance the game, not dominate it.

Note: To create a biography for your SPC / NPC character, contact your CO to request permission. He/she then has to inform an Administrator of the ST Frontier Fleet website to set up an additional (empty) biography for you.

Mailing Lists

Mailinglists are being run and organized by the CO's themselves. However, the Game Council should at all times be able to access all lists, so when changing passwords the Game Council should be informed about the new password.

Each dutystation has access to three mailinglists: -- The RPG lists to which all roleplaying posts and important information from Command Personnel is being send to. -- The NRPG list to which all chatting and non-roleplaying posts can be send to. -- The list to which compiles of the dutystation should be send if they are being made. All ST Frontier Fleet members are allowed to subscribe to these lists, even if they are not roleplaying on this dutystation.

The lists can be accessed at:

Please not that all email should be send in plain text. For more information go here.


The website of Star Trek Frontier Fleet, is the crowning glory of our game. At this site you can find just about anything you want to know about the game. There are databases with information on species, technical specifications, departmental guides and more. Technical specifications for all duty stations can be found there as well as information about players and their duty stations. You've all been to the website at least once to fill out a joining form, but we hope you will take the opportunity to go back and have a good look around. The site is also able to be accessed to change bios, and for COs and FOs to change rosters, ranks and their ships web pages.


Star Trek Frontier Fleet has a forum where players can contribute to a variety of discussions. The forums have off-topic chat, game based chat and web team announcements. The forums can be found at

IRC Chat

Since early may 2013, IRC is once again available for members of Frontier Fleet.

There are two ways of getting to the #FF IRC channel:

Via an IRC client (such as mIRC): The server can be found at and you can connect to either port 6667 or if you use SSL to port 6601.

You can also join us at IRC via

Note: you will need to sign in with your Frontier Fleet member username and password.

Channel: #FF

More information can be found at:


The language used by players in the game must be free of overt swearing. The basic tendency here is that "If they don't say it on the show, don't use it in Star Trek Frontier Fleet". The philosophy of Star Trek is to respect each other's differences and not everyone wants to read swear words so the wishes of these people must be respected, regardless of your personal feelings on the matter.


Members are forbidden from sending spam e-mail and ICQ/AIM/MSN/IRC/etc messages to other members, any member found doing this will be expelled from ST Frontier Fleet. Members' E-Mail Addresses, ICQ Numbers and AIM Nicks will NOT be published or used by other members on publicly accessible places unless the member has given permission to do so.

Under spam we consider:

- Continuing to contact other members while they have said they didn't want to be contacted. This includes but is not limited to contact over Instant Messengers, Email and IRC.

- Real spamming, which was defined by MAPS ( as:


An electronic message is "spam" IF: (1) the recipient's personal identity and context are irrelevant because the message is equally applicable to many other potential recipients; AND (2) the recipient has not verifiable granted deliberate, explicit, and still-revocable permission for it to be sent; AND (3) the transmission and reception of the message appears to the recipient to give a disproportionate benefit to the sender.


(i) Trivial or mechanised personalization such as "Dear Mr. Jones, we see that you are the holder of the JONES.COM domain" does not make the personal identity of the recipient relevant in any way.
(ii) Failing to click the "do not send me marketing literature by e-mail" button in a web sign-up form does not convey explicit permission. Only when the default result is "no followup e-mail" AND the inbox impact is clearly stated before any action which changes this result, can permission of this kind be conveyed.
(iii) The appearance of disproportionate benefit to the sender, and the relevancy of the recipient's specific personal identity, are authoritatively determined by the recipient, and is not subject to argument or reinterpretation by the sender.
(iv) Non-personal e-mail always places a disproportionate cost burden on the recipient, and is considered to disproportionately benefit the sender unless it was verifiable solicited or by the recipient's willing exception.
(v) A message need not be offensive or commercial in order to fit the definition of "spam." Content is irrelevant except to the extent necessary to determine personal applicability, consent, and benefit.

Grievance Procedures

If a player is having a problem of some sort, their first point of contact should be their First Officer. If a solution can't be reached, then the CO would be notified. The next point of contact would be the Squadron CO and eventually the Council (Gamemasters: council at frontierfleet dot org). Very few problems would ever need to go past the FO and every attempt should be made to resolve issues aboard the ship. If a complaint is needed against a person from another duty station, then this will be handled by the Council. Where a complaint is considered serious a member may be banned from the game for a period of time. This may range from any amount of time to a lifetime ban. Other penalties include but are not limited to demotion, either one or multiple ranks, force to leave commanding position, etc.

Valid complaints include, but are not limited to: Behaviour on the mailinglists, behaviour on the forums, behaviour on Instant Messagers, like ICQ, AIM, MSN, etc., behaviour over direct email and behaviour on IRC.

Status Reports

Commanding Officers should either create, or arrange the creation of, a monthly status report which should include but is not limited to:

- A summary of all events that happened last month, which also should be uploaded to the dutystation's Story page. And their respective stardates.

- The location where the current story takes place.

- A summary of all vacant positions aboard the ship.

These Status Reports should be send to all Command Personnel using the 'Command'-mailinglist. Optionally a copy can be send to the duty station itself.

Personnel Assignments

Personnel assignments are done by the Game Council, who gets contacted by the Academy Commandant when one or more Cadets are nearly ready for graduation. The actual graduation and informing the CO is part of the Academy Commandant's duties.

New Technologies

New technologies can be used how the CO sees fit if they are used for only one short mission. However, if these new technologies are meant for a continuous usage or usage on more then one single ship, they should be reviewed and approved by the Game Council.

Academy Commandant

The Academy Commandant has a SPC with the rank of Rear Admiral for duties like welcoming people to the Academy and letting them graduate.

He/she runs the Academy which consists of, but is not limited too, the following duties:

Responding to new Signups by either welcoming them to the Academy or rejecting them with a valid reason.

These reasons include but are not limited to:
- Having a too bad combination of biography and sample post to start training. (The quality of these is decided by the Academy Commandant himself).
- Having received a ban from the game.

Assigning fresh Cadets to individual instructors to start their training: Learning how to use ST Frontier Fleet's posting format.

Graduating Cadets and informing COs of the availability of new personnel for their dutystation.


Instructors report to the Academy Commandant. The Instructors do the actual instructing of new players to learn them the posting format used in ST Frontier Fleet.

Although Instructors biographies are considered to be PC (the only exception on one PC per person) they do not count as such when creating NPCs or SPCs.

Public Relations

PR is responsible for the Advertising of ST Frontier Fleet on the internet. In game, his responsibilities are arranging contacts with new worlds. Therefore PR has also access to a SPC with the rank of Rear Admiral.

Public Relations can be reached on pr-at-frontierfleet-dot-com.


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