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Ayelborne and Claymare in their true form.

Quadrant: Beta Quadrant

Playability: No



No one has died on Organia in uncounted thousands of years. Millions of years ago, the Organians were humanoid. But they developed beyond the need of physical bodies. They appeared humanoid for the Federation and Klingons' sake. They are pure energy, pure thought. The Organians are as far above humanity on the evolutionary scale as humans are above the amoeba. When Organians appear in their true form the light they emit is blinding to humanoids. (TOS: Errand of Mercy)

The ancestors of the Organians were once physical beings. The desire to overcome pain and weakness spurred them to move beyond the limitations of the physical world. The Organians thought Chess was easy and predictable. Talking is a limited form of communication for the Organians. Memories are simple to adjust for the Organians. They can inhabit people and they will not remember it. (ENT: Observer Effect)


The Organians inhabit the planet Organia. The Organians have no defense, and insist none is needed. The U.S.S. Enterprise attempted to prevent the Klingon Empire from conquering Organia. Captain Kirk and Spock beamed down to the planet to convince the Organians to allow the Federation to protect them. The Organians insisted that they needed no protection. The Organians would not allow the Federation and Klingons to fight. They made every weapon too hot to handle. Both fleets, no matter where they were, were immobilized. (TOS: Errand of Mercy)

The planet Organia is located in the Beta Quadrant. (Star Trek Star Charts by Geoffrey Mandel)

The Organians observe species to see if their intelligence is advanced enough for first contact. They have used this measure for 10,000 years. The Organians never interfere in the natural development of other species. They only observe. They observe how species react when members of the crew become infected with a silicon-based virus located on an M-Class planet. Someone always dies when they come to the planet. Sometimes only a few, sometimes the whole crew, but the Organians conducted the observation without interference, and no emotional involvement. The Organians come there to study how physical beings react to the unknown. Their presence is detected in less than 2% of their missions. When a Klingon landing party became infected, the commander didn't let them back on the ship, and destroyed their shuttle. When Cardassians became infected, they showed concern, but in the end killed their infected crew, just as the Klingons did. It just took them longer to reach the decision. When the Enterprise NX-01 was exposed, Archer's act of compassion in an attempt to save Trip caused the Organians to break protocols and cure them all. The Enterprise NX-01 left a warning beacon so the Organians were unable to observe another species that encounters the virus. The Organians conducting the observation recommended they begin preparations for an official first contact mission. At the rate humans were progressing, that would barely give them 5,000 years to prepare. (ENT: Observer Effect)

Three members of the Organian High Council: Claymare, Ayelborne, and Trefayne.


To all appearances the Organians are a very peaceful, friendly people living on a primitive level. They are not a primitive society making progress toward mechanization. They are totally stagnant. There is no evidence of any progress as far back as Spock could measure. They are approximately class D-minus on Richter's scale of cultures. To the Organians all violence is unthinkable. The Organians find interference in other people's affairs most disgusting. (TOS: Errand of Mercy)

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