Pandora Station Status Report December 2003

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LCARS » Newspaper: The Federation Tribune » Newspaper Archives » 2004 » January 2004 » Pandora Station Status Report December 2003 by Rob Versteegt

Pandora Station Status Report December 2003 by Rob Versteegt

Remnants of the past

Stardate: 2391.03.06/2391.03.12
Locations: USS Solstice, and the planet Tollaxana

On the planet Tollaxana, the away team, consisting of Captain Janssens, Commander Essar, Ensigns Ja'al, Jalando, Murdock and Russet, and some security crewmen, went down the cave, using the Tollaxan's elevator. After a ride of about 10 minutes, the party arrived at where they should...

Some lights suddenly went on, and revealed... some 1500 stasis pods. All filled with Tollaxans. The team decided that they wouldn't open those pods, until they knew exactly how, and why these Tollaxans were here in stasis. But not all went as planned. Suddenly, the first stasis pod in the row started to open... revealing an elder Tollaxan. Captain Janssens saw that this Tollaxan was having trouble breathing. So, after some quick thinking, he contacted the Solstice, and let the Tollaxan being beamed to sickbay. After that, the Captain himself beamed back to the Solstice... to see how the Tollaxan was doing... and maybe to get some information of course...

After the Captain had beamed away, the rest of the away team went on, to search for some answers in the cave. But all they found was more mysteries. The 2 science officers found a few murals, displaying an alien race... and one of those murals seemed to be very important: several of those lights were pointed at it. It also seemed to be slandered... it had some sort of paint all over it.

On the Solstice, Doctors Truesdale and Vok, and XGO Underhill had taken crewman Robertson, who had lost his memory, out on a tour through the ship. When they came back to sickbay, they found an alien lying on a biobed: the elderly Tollaxan. He seemed to be having trouble breathing. So Doctors Truesdale and Underhill went to work, and successfully made the Tollaxan breath better. Captain Janssens came to look up on the Tollaxan, who called himself Zertok Li-En. Zertok told the Captain that there were about 10.000 Tollaxans, still in stasis, back on the planet. Luckily, they wouldn't need any medical help, when they would awaken.

The little sickbay was getting even more crowded, when the new Head Nurse, Doctor Tingle, reported for duty. At this time, Captain Janssens and Mr. Li-En went to the messhall... Mr. Li-En seemed to be hungry...

The away team, meanwhile, decided it would be better to return to the Solstice. No other Tollaxans were waking up, and all the information that could be collected, was collected. So after another ride with the elevator, and some walking, the away team arrived at the shuttlecraft, in which they went back to the Solstice. When they finally arrived there, ensign Jalando went to study their findings, and Commander Essar and Ensign Ja'al walked to the messhall, where they would find Mr. Li-En.

But Commander Essar was called away, because of a priority one message from starfleet. And when Ja'al finally arrived in the messhall, and started speaking with Li-En, Captain Janssens was called away by commander Essar. Apparently, the two had something important to talk about. Which didn't disturb Ja'al... Mr. Li-En had a lot to tell. Apparently, the Tollaxans had encountered an alien race, the Naimlessians, who at first, acted friendly: sharing technologies, etc. But when their true intentions were made clear, the Tollaxans were powerless to stop them. The Naimlessians wanted a very valuable mineral from Tollaxana, so they started a war... When that war was finally over, the Naimlessians retreated, and poisoned
the Tollaxan's atmosphere... forcing the Tollaxans to go into stasis.

Meanwhile, in the Captain's ready room, Commander Essar told Captain Janssens that he would leave soon: his new ship, the USS Atlantis, was waiting for him. Knowing that he would loose his First Officer sooner then was planned, Captain Janssens told Essar he could take the transwarpshuttle, so that the Atlantis wouldn't depart without it's captain...

Again, back in sickbay, while Dr. Vok was talking with Mr. Holmes about the Captain and the Tollaxans, Mr. Robertson escaped sickbay, and ran towards the messhall... luckily, he was found by Dr. Truesdale... who will do anything to get Mr. Robertson back to sickbay.

Luckily, Ms. Truesdale was able to bring Mr. Robertson back to sickbay. Doctor Vok called Mr. Murdock, who was going to talk to Robertson, in private. This was done because both Vok and Truesdale thought this could restore some of Robertson's memory.

While those 2 were talking to each other, Truesdale, Vok, Tingle and Underhill decided to try and learn everything they could about Elkor. It was still unclear for them, who this Elkor was, and why only the Captain could see him. The answer was given to them by Ja'al, who had talked to the Tollaxan Li-En. Ja'al told the 2 Doctors, the Head nurse and the XGO that Elkor was actually a computer program, which was transmitted on the same frequency as the Captain's brain frequency. That's why only the captain could see him. This also meant that if either the Tollaxans stopped transmitting on that frequency, or if the Captain would be far enough away from the planet, this Elkor wouldn't be bothering him anymore.

Captain Janssens had talked to starfleet about the situation the Tollaxans were in now. He knew the Solstice wasn't able to carry 10.000 or more passengers... or even making sure they are all in good health. So Starfleet agreed to send ships, to assist the Solstice, and the Tollaxans.

About a week later, most of the Tollaxans were now out of stasis, despite the Bauglirium, a rare mineral, which absorbed most of the solar energy. The starfleet ships had helped the Tollaxans with their awakening, and with their adjustment to their planet...

The Solstice had now left Tollaxana. Their work was done... After saying farewell, the Solstice went to warp, back to Pandora station...

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