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The Romulans Tebok and Thei.

Quadrant: Beta Quadrant

Playability: With approval


The Romulan's physiology is subtly different from Vulcans, but enough so that surgery on a severely injured Romulan is difficult for Dr. Crusher. Romulan ribosomes apparently do not match those of Humans or, surprisingly, Vulcans; but can match those of Klingons.

The species is made up of many varied skin tones, from a yellow tinged to a dark brown. Their metabolism appears to be faster than human standard; the higher rate will help treated skin burns heal faster.

Tuvan syndrome is a disease that effects Romulans. One of it's symptoms is drooping eyelids.


Commander Toreth and her officers share a meal.

The Romulans are from the planet Romulus in the Beta Quadrant.

First contact with Earth was made when the Enterprise NX-01 strayed too close to a planet the Romulan Star Empire claimed. A cloaked mine disable the vessel, and two ships ordered them to leave the system, which they did. Very little was known about the species for over a hundred years after first contact.

Although descended from the same ancestors as are Vulcans, the Romulans are surprisingly different than their distant cousins both in physiology and in behavioral customs.

The Battle of Cheron was a crucial defeat for the Romulans at the hands of the Federation, and it ended the Romulan wars in 2160. Following this defeat, the Romulan Neutral Zone was established.

Throughout their long history of war, Romulans have rarely attacked first, opting instead to test their enemies' resolve; a chess game, Captain Picard calls it.

The Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt is a legendary victory Klingon victory over the Romulans that occured in the 2270's.

In 2371, the Romulans agreed to grant the Federation use of a single cloaking device for use in the Gamma Quadrant only in exchange for all intelligence reports on the Dominion.

In 2371, the Romulan Tal Shiar and Cardassian Obsidian Order launched a massive attack against the Founder's Homeworld, bombarding the planet with a fleet of 20 starships. The Founders learned of the plan, and staged an ambush, by evacuating the planet, and placing a fleet of 150 Jem'Hadar ships nearby to destroy the invading fleet. Both organizations were decimated by the Jem'Hadar.


Romulan technology includes the cloaking device allowing them stealth and making them formidable opponents. Romulan cloaks can sometimes be detected with an antiproton beam. A cloaked ship radiated a slight subspace variance that was sometimes detectable at warp speeds. While cloaked, transporters, weapons, and shields are in operable.

In 2368, the Romulans experimented with an interphase cloak.

In the past, the Romulans had a trade alliance with the Klingons. They shared cloak and ship technology.

The D'deridex-class warbird spacecraft is referred to as a B-Type warbird by Starfleet. This class of shi is significantly larger than a Galaxy-class starship. They are believed to have greater firepower, but a slightly lower sustainable warp speed.

Peregrine Class is a type of Romulan fighter. It is leaner and more vicious looking than warbirds, and has birdlike markings.

Romulans used tri-cobolt explosives in mines in the 22nd century.

As of 2394, the Romulan Empire has at least one transwarp-equipped D'deridex-class warship, the Vriha'arrhe, captained by Commander Ael Sirol. (ST:FF:USS Calhoun: "Romulans!")

Romulan Space

The Apnex Sea is an oceanic body on the planet Romulus. It's waters are blood green, and flocks of mogai, a type of Romulan bird, are often seen flying over it. Gal Gath'thong is a location on Romulus known for it's great natural beauty and spectacular firefalls.

There is a Cardassian Embassy on Romulus.

The Devron system is located in the Romulan Neutral Zone, and was the site of a temporal anomaly in an anti-time reality created by Q. The Carraya system, near the Klingon/Romulan border, is the location of a secret Romulan prison camp established after the Khitomer massacre in 2346, to house nearly 100 Klingon prisoners. Chaltok IV is the site of a research colony that was nearly destroyed during the test of a polaric ion device.


Romulan saying: "Never turn your back on a Breen."

Archaeological ruins of Romulan origin have been found on the planet Dessica II. The planet Calder II is the site of the Romulan-built Sakethan burial mounds.

Centurion is a Romulan rank equivalent to the rank of Captain.

New Info

The Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcans. The Romulans maintained the martial philosophy that existed on Vulcan in the distant past. Weakness is something you dare not show to them. No one had seen a Romulan prior to Stardate 1709. Prior to that date, their relation to the Vulcans was unknown. Earth and the Romulan Star Empire were involved in war in the mid-22nd century. The conflict was fought with primitive atomic weapons and in primitive space vessels which allowed no quarter, no captives. Nor was there even ship-to-ship visual communication. No Human, Romulan, or ally had ever seen the other. The treaty that ended the war and established the Neutral Zone was set by subspace radio. Entry into the Neutral Zone by either side constitutes an act of war. The treaty has been unbroken until Stardate 1709, when a Romulan bird of prey destroyed Earth Outposts 2, 3, 4 and 8. The U.S.S. Enterprise subsequently destroyed the bird of prey. During this time period, the Romulans only had impulse power. They possessed a powerful weapon, but the weapon had limited range. Therefore it was not effective against moving targets. (TOS: Balance of Terror)

Romulans have been known to act aggressively against species they see as a threat. (ENT: Babel One)

Romulans use a smooth stone for a pillow. They point with a jerk of their chin, instead of using a finger. Romulan nobles have servants and slaves. Romulans provide a laving-bowl and fair cloths to their guests for refreshment after their journey. It is a traditional courtesy, and most guests just perform a token dabbing of face and fingertips. Honorable Romulans do not threaten the helpless, even if they are enemies. Before leaving Vulcan, the Romulans began to create the ideologically correct works from a Vulcan base, and began to create a new language using Old High Vulcan as a base. They also rewrote history. The Romulans became xenophobic. (ST #35: The Romulan Way by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood)

Romulan saying: "If the sword shatters, take its fragments to a forge." It is the equivalent of the Human saying, "If life hands you lemons, make lemonade." (ST #35: The Romulan Way by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood)

Romulan aesthetics requires that factories be either pleasant to look at, or completely concealed. Many factories were underground. Release of waste products into the ambient environment, even steam, was forbidden by Praetorial edict, and a capital crime. From space, they appear pastoral, but are industrialized. (ST #35: The Romulan Way by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood)

Humans give off an odor that Romulans find distasteful. Romulans don't have the mental powers of Vulcans, but some are empaths. Some believed genetics caused the difference, but others thought it was upbringing. Some Romulans have learned to mask their presence from others by "convincing" them to look the other way. It is an extremely rare ability. They are also able to project emotions to others. (ST: TNG: Triangle: Imzadi II by Peter David)


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