Frontier Fleet

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

What once was... (2000-2018)

Once upon a time, in 2000, in a galaxy far far away, on the planet Earth in the Milky Way, Frontier Fleet was founded. It was an era that broadband wasn't common and graphical computing power was less than nowadays. Frontier Fleet was one of many play-by-email games set in a Star Trek universe. Broadband got more common, graphic computing power increased, games like Star Trek Online were introduced into the world, and last, but not least, our players moved on into other stages of their life. From five dutystation in our prime days we downsized to a single dutystation. Intake of new players got to an alltime low. But we still managed to cling together. Then the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced. And we started to evaluate our website and mailinglistsystem. The system had gotten outdated and was in need of a big overhaul. Everyone was asked for suggestions how to continue in a GDPR-compliant way. In the end, the USS Pathfinder raised the Jolly Roger and warped away. From 2018 onwards, Frontier Fleet is no more.

"Believe me, Captain, immortality consists largely of boredom."

-- Cochrane to Kirk, TOS 'Metamorphosis'

... and what now is (2018-)

While Frontier Fleet has come to an end, we are proud that the saga continues with the USS Pathfinder.

USS Pathfinder is an ongoing e-mail roleplaying game/collaborative work of fanfiction, set in the Star Trek universe in the early 25th century (a couple of decades after the events in the movie Star Trek Nemesis).

Originally founded as Star Trek: Frontier Fleet in the year 2000, the combined adventures of the USS Calhoun, USS Odyssey, USS Arakov, USS Valkyrie, Pandora Station, USS Atlantis, and Yeager Colony, have led to the USS Pathfinder where the adventures continue...

"Three years ago... I didn't even know your name. Today... I can't imagine a day without you."

-- Janeway to Chakotay, VGR 'Scorpion, Part II'